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What Are Grave Blankets?

Posted by Jeffrey Carroll

Nov 26, 2016 10:30:00 AM

First off, what are grave blankets? The term was new to me when I first encountered the term a couple years back.  So let me hit you with a quick definition, Grave Blankets are displays/ decoration that are placed on graves before the first snow. The symbolic meaning behind this process is having a way of keeping deceased loved ones warm before winter sets in. These decorations are most popular in northern climates with changing seasons and freezing temperatures in the winter. These grave blankets usually have ribbons, fresh flowers and other decorations that vary depending on the individual creating them.  Grave Blankets.jpg

Grave Blanket History

Grave blankets are thought to be originated by the Scandinavians who first settled in the Midwest territory of the U.S. The popularity of using grave blankets quickly spread. It is now a traditional practice in the holiday season, especially in northern towns or villages. Now as popular as hanging a wreath of pine, or decorating the Christmas tree, grave blankets provide a beautiful decoration for graveyards and makes the stroll through the tombstones all the more beautiful.

How Do I Get a Grave Blanket?

This is a good question if you are unfamiliar with grave blankets. Some ways of obtaining a grave blanket is contacting you local florist, make the grave blanket yourself, or stop on by Rick’s Sheds where there is variety of beautifully decorated and handcrafted grave blankets that you can choose from. Once you have the decoration, be sure that you know how you will be getting it to the gravesite. If the site is in a different area, and you do not plan to visit you could run into some difficulty making sure the grave blanket gets to its destination. Grave Blankets are seen as a symbol of respects and some florist's will refuse to deliver them to a grave location unless meeting a family member or close friend on site.

Cemetery Rules

When purchasing a grave blanket cemetery allows this type of grave decoration. Many cemeteries are very particular what kind of things they allow in and out. This is especially true with gravesites are in a private cemetery. To prevent any of these issues from occurring you can take the necessary preparation step by contacting the cemetery director for more information about the facilities rules and procedures. Can’t seem to find the contact for the cemetery that your loved ones reside in? Not to worry, just contact your City Hall officials for more information or further contact information and they would be able to lead you in the correct direction

Now that you have the knowledge and the background on grave blankets, what are you waiting for? Come by Rick's sheds and check out our Christmas specialties. The one stop shop for Christmas trees, grave blankets, wreaths and many more holiday necessities.


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