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Custom Garages, Some Ideas for Custom Garages and Improving Them

Posted by Fuchsia P.

Mar 29, 2014 8:47:00 AM

While a very valuable piece of real estate in any home, the garage is often overlooked when it comes to its versatility and functionality. Many homeowners only see it as place to keep the car and for excess storage. More imaginative ones, however, see potential in custom garages all their forms. Here are just a few of their more interesting ideas:

Adding a Side Porch – Many free standing garages have an excellent view of a part of the yard not av available to the main house. Consider adding a fountain or other yard feature that a screened- or glassed-in porch can focus on. Properly insulated and protected side porches also make a great place to overwinter vulnerable plants. Many horticultural devotees will also include an interior area for preparation and cultivation of their plants.

Similarly, a side porch on a garage can lead to a secondary outdoor bath which guests can conveniently access without treading through the main house. This is especially important when entertaining a large group where lots of food and drink – and potential spills! - are being served. In addition, a porch makes an excellent addition to an outdoor kitchen when inclement weather arrives and everyone needs a little shelter from the storm.

Using the Roof – Where the original boundaries of the garage cannot be expanded, consider redoing the roof as another entertainment space or relaxation area. With the right furniture and accoutrements, the area will provide the right balance of shade and sun as well as creature comforts. One could also consider adding a pergola, outdoor pool table or even hot tub if designed and constructed properly.

On a different note, custom garages with a roof deck is the ideal place to take advantage of the surrounding view especially if you are surrounded by visual obstructions. It may not seem so but the added height gives one a much more advantageous view of the surroundings, whether you are located on a hillside, or even at the shore.

Expanding In the Back – While a garage is a great place to keep your car. Many homeowners try to get double duty out of it by also making it a hobby room. This situation works well in the beginning stages but as one gets more serious about the hobby a dedicated space just makes a whole lot more sense. In addition to providing the proper work area for such hobbies as woodworking, model train building or crafting, an expanded garage also keeps all the “fuss and muss” away from your beloved car.

The real benefit of expanding a garage is that you can utilize an area that often is forgotten or becomes and eyesore. Instead of having a weed strewn patch of lawn behind or on the side of your garage, you can expand over it and solve the aesthetic problem while also adding valuable space to your home.

Going Up a Level – While somewhat expensive, adding another finished level to your garage is an excellent way to add the exact functionality that you want to your home while also increasing its resale value. Whether you need another bedroom, would like a proper guest suite or are finally ready for that work-out room, the area above the garage is just waiting for your ideas.

These days, one of the most common new uses for an upper level, garage expansion is the addition of a media room or a “man-cave.” Either of these uses will improve the quality of life for you and your family and also add greatly to the value of the home. As you can see, the possibilities inherent in the custom remodel of a garage are only limited by your imagination. Consider one when your need for more room has grown beyond what is available in your present house. You will not be disappointed.

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