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Your Outdoor Oasis

She Shed, He Shed

Posted by David McManus

Nov 9, 2016 11:04:00 PM

Are you ready to redefine your backyard oasis?

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s important to set aside some time for ourselves — and it’s essential to do so in an environment or space that fits your personal style.

For a man and a woman, that space is a lot different.

By now you've probably heard the term "man cave". It's that not-so-secret but off-limit place where men can escape reality for a few hours and enjoy some manliness time with friends or alone. While traditionally this "den of iniquity" was in the basement, an extra room of the house or the garage, this man sanctuary is now moving to the back yard in the form of a "he-shed".

he shed she shed Ricks Sheds and Gazebos.jpgThese unique sheds and structures come in all shapes, sizes and designs. While some are quite primitive, others are advanced in technology, luxury and manliness. You want to watch the football game on a big screen while pouring your buddy a beer out of your keg-orator, go right ahead. Whatever a man's heart desires, it can now come to fruition in his own backyard. 

he shed she shed Ricks Sheds 5.jpg

But wait, what about the women?  If men get to have a place all to themselves, shouldn't a woman have a place to escape to as well? In an attempt to find some peace, quiet and tranquility from their chaotic world, women are transforming ordinary sheds into blissful retreats. Thanks to "She-Sheds" a lady can have her very own place to unwind, read, relax, recharge, practice a hobby or pot up.

Whatever you want to call them: dame domes, femme dens, lady lounges, girly grotto's...ma'am caves (okay you get the point) they are popping up in backyards all over America.

From color coordinated laced curtain tea house to the paint and glue splattered artist shed, these backyard beauties are perfect for creating, relaxing, gossiping with girlfriends, napping, reading, gardening, scrap booking, curling up to a good book or sipping some afternoon tea.

Constructed on site or placed in a backyard nook these structures can be anything you want them to be. Some have gardens, flowers, chandeliers and wicker furniture while others offer coziness, or open plans with sky roofs.

You can do a web search for "she sheds" and you'll find inspiration and pictures from all over the web in case you need a little inspiration when thinking about, designing or purchasing your she shed. 

he shed she shed Ricks Sheds outdoor oasis.jpg

Rick's Sheds in Aston, PA carries a huge inventory of sheds that can be custom built or converted then placed in your backyard. Once in place, you can paint or decorate the space however you choose. No matter your aesthetic feel, your she-shed is meant to be your island amidst all the noise and hurry of life. The beauty of a she shed is that it can take whatever form best suits your tastes. Not only does Ricks Sheds supply the sheds but any furniture or decorations you may need for it as well.

What do you think about a Victorian look for your shed? Drape it in flowers and lace or perhaps you'll prefer to go for the country home look decorating it with some shutters and flowers.

he shed she shed Ricks Sheds 3.jpg


Here are some quick tips to get you started when considering your he-shed, she-shed project. 

1. Consult Rick's Sheds.

They have a huge selection of pre-made sheds that can be placed in your backyard. These pre-made sheds can be modified, painted, decorated and designed by you to put your own personal touches on them. If you don't see a shed you like but have an idea of what you do want, talk to Rick's Sheds. They can build a custom shed for you.

2. Decorate it your way

Whatever purpose or aesthetic you pursue, go wild. After all, it is your own space to define and design any way you like. Paint, rugs, furniture and decorations are just a few ways you can put your own personal touches on it. 

3. Give a fresh coat of paint.

Whether you purchase a pre-made shed or build a custom shed, adding a fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into the structure, not to mention protect it as well. Perhaps you want to create your own color palette or match the rest of your outdoor space to create a space that completely inspires you. Remember, colors can have a big effect on mood, creativity and attitude.

4. Get Comfortable or not

Do you want your shed to be a space where you can relax and pamper yourself or have a place that inspires your hobbies and interests. You can go as cozy as you want decorating it with comfortable indoor and outdoor furniture with pillows or have a sloppy paint splattered artist shed. The only rule to remember is that there are no rules.

5. Let nature in

Your shed can be an extension of the outside space that surrounds it. Bring plants inside or hang planter boxes on the outside for an inviting look. Add some bird feeders or bird baths if you want to make some friends in your back yard. 

 Customize Your Shed Today


If you could design your very own she-shed or he-shed, what would it look like? Let us know in the comments below!

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