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The Importance Of A Shed Foundation

Posted by David McManus

Aug 2, 2017 11:18:07 AM

The Importance of a Shed Foundation or Stone Pad

Your house is built on a foundation because, without one, it will not last as long as the 30 year mortgage. A shed is no different. In order to get the most longevity and use out of your shed, a foundation is a must. A shed foundation might be a little different than your house foundation, but it will play an important part in the health and longevity of the structure.

With shed foundations or a properly prepared stone pad underneath, a custom shed or pre-built shed will last 25 years or more. Because sheds last longer and perform better when placed on a level, properly prepared foundation or stone pad, it's not only cost effective but wise. 

Problems With No Foundations

A shed that is set on wood blocks or in the grass will begin to breakdown after 5 or 6 years. Moisture will be the enemy as it gathers and spreads through the shed. As it sits on the ground (with no foundation) the shed will begin to degrade and weaken from the ground up. Soil, grass and wood all absorb moisture, and that moisture will transfer onto your shed without the proper separation. 

Then, just as you thought it couldn't get worse, the ground underneath may begin to sink as it struggles to adjust to the weight of a fully loaded storage shed. If weight is not properly or evenly distributed throughout the shed, a heavier corner of the shed may begin to sink into the ground. 

If you're a wild animal lover this technique may work for you because a storage shed placed on blocks is like putting out the welcome mat for wildlife. Bunny rabbits and groundhogs might seem cute but mice and rats could lead to infestation or disease, causing harm to your children or pets.  

 shed foundations

Foundations Equal Low Maintenance

Ideally you want a shed that is low maintenance. Upkeep and repairs (especially on sheds) isn't something homeowners should have to deal with. A proper shed will have siding, paint or stain so that it repels water during rain. What's more, the roof will move water away from the structures sides, never allowing water to puddle near the base. Having a stone or concreate foundation means water is constantly moving away from the shed. It will never splash back up the walls, stain the lower portion of the wall, make a mess with the mud around the base or detract from the look of the building.

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There’s really no point in getting a shed if you aren’t concerned about longevity. A structure not placed on a properly prepared foundation will not last long. Building a foundation might be an extra step and additional money upfront, but the benefits of having a foundation will far outweigh not having one. Bottom line, if you are purchasing a shed then a foundation is a must to keep the integrity and strength of the structure. 




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